Trade Show Exhibition
5th International Conference on Bridges (5IBC2019)
Amirkabir University of Technology
(Tehran Polytechnic)
Tehran, IRAN
December 26-27, 2019

We would like to invite you to participate in the Trade Show and Exhibition – December 26-27. The 5 th International
Conference on Bridges is presented in partnership with the International universities, Iranian Society of Civil
Engineering, Structure and Earthquake Research Center, lifelines, and infrastructures, Tehran Municipality
(organization and civil engineering), Iran University of Science and Technology, Ministry of Roads and City
Planning, Tehran Urban & Suburban Railway Operation Co., …. The conference will take place at the AmirKabir
University of Technology Main Conference Hall, Tehran, IRAN.
The Conference has been held since 1990 in order to provide a forum for academicians, researchers, and professional
engineers working in areas of bridge design, construction and management to review and discuss the recent practical and
theoretical approaches and to exchange information leading to close collaboration and cooperation. The conference focuses
on the state-of-the-art in recent progress on bridge health monitoring, innovative concepts and implementation of new
materials, tools and technologies in practical applications. Bridge designers, specialist, contractors, owners and
researchers from around the world will be there to take advantage of this networking opportunity and to discuss recent
practices and new researches. The 4 th conference had attendance of 750 delegates.
Also, Iranian society of consulting engineers, Tehran municipality, Ministry of roads and environment, ministry of
science, research and technology, syndicate of contractors, community of construction companies and …, will have a
booth at the trade show exhibition of the conference. So it would be a great opportunity for contractors and consulting
companies, to take part in this trade show exhibition to show their potentials and latest achievements at the fields of
design, material and retrofit of the bridges.

The conference will cover all aspects of research, design and construction, including the following and more:

  • Standards and codes on bridges loading and earthquake effects
  • Bridge analysis and design
  • Bridge inspection and preservation
  • Performance base design in bridges
  • Bridge construction and replacement
  • Safety assessment and life cycle costs of
  • Methods of repair and strengthening of
  • Bridge maintenance and health monitoring
  • Bridge management systems
  • Service life insurance and passive defense
  • Damage detection, rating and retrofit
  • Bridge deck evaluation and rehabilitation
  • Sustainability, durability and resilience
  • Climate and Seal
  • Non-conventional materials and technologies
  • Innovations in bridge engineering

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