The construction of a road network for transporting passengers and goods have a long history going back to several centuries. The existence of the old bridges like Syocepol and Pole Khajoo in Esfahan indicates the level of expertise achieved by the old architects and engineers of Iran in constructing stable and durable bridges. In the last five decades, the Bridge construction industry has seen a dramatic leap forwards. A large of small and large bridges over the highways and main roads as well as the streets have been constructed in Iran. Due to the existing concerns of natural disasters, this conference calls upon the engineers to deal with the challenges of building stronger new bridges, and assessment, inspection, repair, strengthening and maintenance of existing bridges.
The international conference is intending to take an important step in assessing the conditions and behaviors of these structures and to provide an insight into the improvement methods.
The attendance of the consultants, academics, experts, and the contractors of the Road and transport, and bridges are highly valued and appreciated.

International Specialist Conference Team

Prof. M. Saiidi
Prof. M. Saiidi Professor, University of Nevada
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering University of Nevada
Ph.D.: University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 1979
Founding and past chair of ACI Committee on Earthquake Resistant Concrete Bridges
Member, ACI, ASCE, EERI, Phi Kappa Phi, NEES Consortium, CUREE
Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Nevada and California
Dr. Mohammad Ehsani
Dr. Mohammad EhsaniProfessor, University of Arizona
B.S., M.S. and Ph.D.: Civil Engineering from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Professor of Structural Engineering at University of Arizona 1982-2009
Pioneer in development of new materials and techniques to repair and strengthen the aging infrastructure
Dr. B. Khaleghi
Dr. B. KhaleghiState bridge design engineer, Washington State DOT
M.Sc.: Structural Engineering, 1979-1981 National Institute of Applied Sciences, Lyon, France
Ph.D.: Concrete Structures, 1981-1985 National Institute of Applied
– Amir Kabir Polytechnic University, Tehran, Iran (1984-1987)
– Private Sector Experience – Fairfax Virginia (1987-1990)
– Saint Martin University, Olympia, Washington (2008-Present)
– Washington State Department of Transportation (1991-present)
Prof. Mario Paolo Petrangeli
Prof. Mario Paolo PetrangeliProfessor, Rom University
Professor of “Bridges Theory and Design“ at La Sapienza University of Rome since 1976
Author of about 100 scientific papers and books
Designer many bridges in Italy and abroad ( the railway bridge over the Arno river, the cable stayed bridge over the wadi DIB in Algeria)
Leader of a team appointed by EC to design a bridge over the Danube river in Novi Sad, Serbia,devoted to both railway and road traffic
Dr. Shahab Afhami
Dr. Shahab Afhami State Bridge Design Engineer, Canadian Society of Civil Engineering
Ph.D.: Structural Engineering in 1997 from University of Alberta
Senior Bridge Engineer at Buckland & Taylor Ltd
Associate with AMEC Environment and Infrastructure
Leader of the Bridge Engineering Unit in Edmonton
Research engineer on Field Instrumentation and Monitoring of Structures for three years at the University of Alberta
Dr. Khosrow Ghavami
Dr. Khosrow GhavamiProfessor, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro
M.Sc.: Drudjbi Narodov University , Moscow
Ph.D.: Imperial College of Science and Technology , University of London
President of Brazilian Association of Non-conventional Materials and Technologies
Fellow of American Society of Civil Engineers
Member of American Mathematical Society
Professor of Civil Engineering at PUC Rio Brazil Education Management
Prof. A. Astaneh-Asl
Prof. A. Astaneh-AslProfessor, University of California
B.Sc.: Civil Engineering Amirkabir University of Technology
M.S.: Civil Engineering University of Michigan
Professor at Civil Engineering Department of University of Berkeley
Consultant on Design, Failure Analysis and Protection of buildings and Bridges against Terrorist Attacks
Dr. Adao da Fonseca
Dr. Adao da Fonseca Professor, University of Porto
Diploma: Civil Engineering from FEUP.
Ph.D.: Structural Engineering from Imperial College of Science and Technology, University of London
Professor of Bridges at FEUP, until 2010.
Professor Full Professor at the Architecture Department of the Autonomous University of Lisbon, 2002-2012
Researcher at the Center for Research on Sustainable and Innovative Bridges at Fujian University, China, since 2013
Member of the Ethics Council of the University of Porto
President of the National College of Civil Engineering of the Order of Engineers, 1995-1998
President of ECCE – European Council of Civil Engineers, 1998-2002.
Member of the Advisory Board of IPPAR (Portuguese Institute of Architectural Heritage), 2004-2006
Vice President of “APEE – Portuguese Association of Structural Engineering”
Dr. A. Mahaidi
Dr. A. MahaidiProfessor, Swinburne University
B.Sc.: Civil Engineering, University of Baghdad, Iraq
M.S.: Structural Engineering, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics ,Cornell University, USA
Ph.D.: Structural Engineering, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (Minor), Structural Mechanics (Minor), Cornell University
– Development of efficient anchorage systems for FRP retrofitting of concrete structures
– Durability of CFRP retrofitting systems in harsh environments
– Enhancing fatigue life of steel structures using CFRP composites
Dr. Saman Hedjazi
Dr. Saman HedjaziAssistant Professor, Georgia Southern University
Ph.D.: Structural Engineering – Civil Engineering Amirkabir University of Technology in collaboration with Ryerson University Toronto
M.Sc.: Structural Engineering Amirkabir University of Technology
B.Sc.: Civil Engineering Amirkabir University of Technology
Assistant Professor, Georgia Southern University – Engineering and Computing, Allen E. Paulson College of (2017 – Present)
Assistant Professor, Georgia Southern University ‐ Civil Engineering and Construction, Department of (Present)
Dr. Sadegh Kazemi
Dr. Sadegh KazemiTeaching Assistant, University of Alberta
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the School of Mining and Petroleum Engineering
Ph.D.: Structural Engineering University of Alberta
M.Sc.: Structural Engineering Amirkabir University of Technology


Dr. H.R. Ashrafi Dr. M. Imam Dr. M. Banazadeh
Dr. B. Behnam Dr. T. Taghikhany Dr. P. Tehrani
Eng. E. Chiniforosh Dr. F. Hatami Dr. S. Hedjazi
Dr. M. Khanmohammadi Dr. A. Khodaii Prof. F. Khoshnoudian
Dr. A. Deylami Prof. A. Rahai Dr. A. Zarrati
Dr. M. Seyfi Prof.  A. Astaneh-Asl Dr. M. Saberi
Dr. H.R. Saba Eng. Sh. Tahouni Prof. M.Z. Kabir
Dr. A. Golroo Dr. M. Ishaqian Dr. R. Akbari
Dr. M.R.Shiravand/td>

Dr. A. Moslehitabar Dr. E. Mohammadi Golafshani
Dr. H. Niroumand Dr. A. Niknam Bridge Engineering Society